Our feedlots can hold 3400 head of cattle at any given time. The turn out 7000 head of finished cattle each year. That's 5.7 million pounds of carcass beef. That's also 4.3 million gallons of liquid manure, which we use to replace commercial fertilizers.

Our modern cattle facility allows both animals and personnel to be protected from the weather as the cattle are processed. To maintain competitive prices while producing the quality of beef consumers demand, Larson Farms now uses ultrasound to create an image of tissues, including fat, muscle and bone. Using measurements of the animal's back fat and marbling, along with weight, days of feed, breed type and input costs, the farm's Beef Performance Technology system projects the optimum number of days on feed and assigns each animal a profitability score.

The welfare of our animals is of top priority here at Larson Farms. We are committed to ensuring the safety, health and well being of all of our animals.