Dave has been with us for just over 40 years now after joining us right out of high school. He has always had a passion for feeding cattle and doing the right things to make ensure the best possible performance out of each group of cattle. He is a pivotal part to the success that we have endured of the last 35 years of custom feeding. Its his job to read the bunks every morning, feed and walk each pen, along with doctoring any animal that needs it. Dave has two children with his wife Karen and currently lives in Sycamore.

Ken Beever

Ken has been with us for 11 years after graduating from Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota. He has also had a passion for cattle which originally stemmed from this love for dairy cattle. Finding a home at Larson Farms, Ken has found that there are many similarities from beef and dairy cattle. Working side by side with Dave, Ken has really developed an affection for beef cattle and following the right procedures in order to provide the best animal husbandry and in turn yield the best production. Ken has two children with his wife Sara and live in Waterman

Mike Martz

Mike grew up outside of Lanark, Illinois showing cattle and loving beef cattle. Today his role on the feedlot is to oversee that we are constantly evaluating our feed, performance and marketing. He is the point of contact for our custom feed customers and does a tremendous job at keeping customers informed and staying up to date with whats going on industry wide.


Barb was a city girl before moving to the farm. She has given us a unique perspective on perceptions of the beef industry as well as been a great advocate beef. Today Barb takes care of cattle billing through advanced livestock tracker. Barb is also a major point of contact to our custom feeding customers.